Mom’s Birthday-Day Two

After the long day before, we had a late start after sleeping in a little. We biked over to Nate’s Diner with mom…not so much that it’s the best, but it’s the experience that we love. Mom liked it and just kept saying, “I wish Branny were here, he would love this.”

We decided on getting a small breakfast so we could eat in a few hours at the farmers market, but in true Nate’s fashion, even what we thought would be small meals ended up being huge! Like Karl’s sausage instead of bacon…
Like my breakfast sandwich.

We then biked over to the Farmers market where we went shopping. Mom was in heaven. She got a million calls from all her friends and family calling to wish her happy birthday. She would see something and say, “Oh I wish Dad were here. He would think that was so cool.” Or “Man, I wish Maryn were here to see this, she would love this necklace.” In the end we got mom a pair of earrings, and a tie die t-shirt. She bought herself the little gold and black bracelet below that was made in Peru. We each bought some coconut rings made by this cute Brazilian lady. Mine are the read and yellow ones. I picked the green one out for mom.
We each went and got food from one of the vendors at the market and packed it up to the canyon. We were going to bike out to the lake but Karl’s bike lost another spoke so we changed our plans. And boy are we glad that we did. Why? Well we ended up at Bridal Veil park. Karl had is taco and quesidilla, mom had her Tai rice paper wraps…

and me with my tamale. We were just sitting talking and eating. Suddenly mom gasped and pointed. Now, anyone that knows my mom will agree this is not an uncommon occurrence. Only the day before she had done in as we passed an old dead tree that she thought looked really cool. So when I say that this action didn’t particularly alert me to what was about to happen you will understand my full meaning. My reaction however quickly turned from mild curiosity turned into total shock when I saw what she was pointing at…

Yes, a moose.

Well after my first moose sighting what more excitement could I expect in a day? We strolled over to Bridal Veil Falls to have a look. It really looks like a veil. It was beautiful.
A few hours later we were in Sandy at my Grandmothers house deciding on where to go for dinner. After nearly and hour of deliberation we decided on Mimi’s Cafe. It was really good.
Grandma and Grandpa treated. They are the BEST. I love you two!
Nate and Kelsey joined us too.
Cam and Kelly were there too. They kept us all occupied with a game/ list they are compiling of “cool celebrities.” Cher is on the top of their list. Other runners up are James Dean, and Prince. There was some argument about Tina Turner and Jack Nicholson, which kept the night interesting.
After a delicious dinner, they brought mom a Moose cake with a candle on top. We sand her Happy Birthday and she loved it! I think. During dinner, she kept saying, oh I wish that Belle and Krytin were here,” or, “It would be nice if Daddy were here.”
After dinner we went to the dollar theater and saw Monsters vs Aliens, which I think we all really liked.

Overall, a great couple of birthday, days. The only thing that would have made the days better would have been if the whole family could have been together.

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