Moms Birthday-Day One

This one is going to be a big one. Over the past few days we have seen three movies, been to the canyon twice, eaten out almost every meal, and…HAVE HAD A BLAST doing it. Mom came down to Provo on Friday morning. We went to the Provo bakery for breakfast and went to Macey’s to get stuff for a picnic lunch. We then headed up the canyon up to Park City to ride on the Alpine Slides.
Karl was excited. I love this picture of him.

We got the the lodge up near the ski lifts and I was surprised at how much was up there.

We got our tickets and mom was getting noticeably excited. You see, my mom grew up in Provo. She came to this very lodge to learn to ski as a little girl with my names sake, and took loosing goggles and gloves to a whole new level here too. The last time she was here was on a date with my dad in college to ride the slides.
We lined up to take the ski lift up to the top of the slides. I have never been skiing, so here is a video of my first time on a chair lift.

The lift was really slow. But the ride was really fun and very beautiful.
We all had a blast.
I mean check this out! What a view!
We got to the top and drug our karts over to the slides.
and kept on draggin’…
We got to the slid and loaded them up! YEAH!

Mom was giddy!
I was ready!
Here is my view of the ride down the slide.

It totally rocked!

Next we got on the coaster.
This was the thing I liked the best.

You get in the cart at the bottom of the hill and ride up the hill in them.

That’s Karl behind me. There is a cable connected to your cart the pulls you up. Gravity pulls you down. The cool part about the ride is that you are pulled up on one track, the ride down on another. You can see the two tracks in this picture. This is just on place. The track going down is on the upper level, and the track below is on the bottom.

I was riding up and got this shot. You can see the man’s hand on a lever. The lever is the break. You can control your speed. You just ZOOM down. There are twists and bumps, and you are flying. It is like being on a roller coaster, with one cart speeding down. It was exhilarating.

We came down to the bottom of the hill. Agreeing that it was great. We had snow cones and headed back to the car.
On our way to Sundance while in Heber, we saw this! And then…
THIS! A Granite Construction office in lovely down town Heber.

We then headed out to Sundance to take the Alpine loop and have a picnic.
Mom was giddy again. We pulled over and found a little patch and a fallen tree to sit on as we ate our lunch.
As we drove and ate, mom told us about memory after memory in the area. Of hikes to the top with her father and the rescue team. Of her wedding dinner at Sundance, that they were late to because they miscalculated the time that it would take to drive the back way.

It was really fun to see Mom smile and sigh contentedly.
As we drove a lady bug jumped into the car.
Then came and sat on my hand while we road of the mountain.
We drove back home to Provo. We headed to the mall and went shopping for a while. Then decided to go and see Harry Potter. We really enjoyed it. We went to bed after 1am, and after a great day.

2 thoughts on “Moms Birthday-Day One

  1. What a great day. Now you need to go back on the ski lift in the winter with skis on your feet and you have to get off with the lift still moving. Your pictures are great.

  2. Oh my gosh I love the picture of Karl with his fist under his chin like Napoleon dynamites uncle. I also loved your video! Hearing you go AHHH. I just wish we could have been there. I am so glad you had so much fun with your mom.

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