Shake Your Peace

This story started last weekend. Krysta and Zac told us about this “Green Festival” in Salt Lake. We aren’t that into this green revolution, but the big selling point was that there was supposed to be this band there called Shake Your Peace. They are this group from San Fransisco that tours on bike. Rather than drive we decided to take UTA. We got on a bus in Provo, got off at the Trax¬†station in Sandy and we were on our way!

Krysta, Karen, Zac, and Zac’s mustache. (Karl decided to jump in last minute. I was mad.)

He thought it was rather funny.
As we got closer to the even we saw blue bikes with signs on them. May is bike month, so I think that it was part of the celebration.

As we got closer to the Library, which was where the event was held, we heard music; solar powered music. Check this guys set up!

The place was actually a lot of fun. Check out this awesome button I picked up!
Zac found bikes to ride, this one is a Madsen.
There were all types of cool bikes there, check this one out!
At the end of the line of booths, we approached a small amphitheater there was a table set up, with t-shirts and a group of guys selling them. We were informed this was the Shake Your Peace booth. This is Joe, and Krysta. They were making CD cases.
I decided to make some. If you make four, you get to keep one, and a free CD! I was totally stoked! Karl and I worked together to get done.
Isn’t it lovely?
The music started, Justin A was first up. Joe went down to get the crowd going, and Gabe went to introduce Justin. This left Krysta at the table to tell people about the band. She was awesome.
All the bands equipment is powered by bike. Here is Zac generating power for the music.
So Karl became the babysitter, while mom and dad were busy. He was so cute, Karen was alright too.

After a delicious lunch, others presentations, buying plants, and sunburns, we headed home. Here is Karl looking very green.

Here we are a week later at Library Square in Provo.
Shake Your Peace was there, with a few other people to do a mini Critical Mass. Which is a bike thing, where you go on a ride with a large group of people in the rode for bike awareness. We were going to ride over to Pioneer Park down Center Street. Zac was there for Mad Dog Cycles, doing free Bike tune-ups. Here he is with his Extracycle loaded up with his gear.

Shake Your Peace ride Extracycles with their gear too. Here is Cello Joe’s bike, Cello and all! He rode his bike with his Cello, playing shows all the way from San Fransisco to the Southern boarder of Mexico.

We left and here was the group. This is a rockin’ picture if you ask me.

We got on to center and Gabe, the leader of our group, and the lead singer of Shake Your Peace, road the Soul Cycle.
Check it out:

We got there! To the Provo farmers market.
While the band set up we went and got some lunch at a place we went to all the time last year:
These guys are from Yuma. They made the tortillas my mom would buy when we were kids.
We got Carne Asada Burritos. Yeah, so good.
We got all settled and they started up. This is Gabe.
From left to right: Justin Ancheta, Cello Joe, and Gabe.

Enjoy my favorite song, live, “Just a Little Bit Mo”

These guys were great, it was just so much fun. Karen was DANCING!
At one point the music stopped, the bike broke down, and Karl tried to help fix it.
Here is our friend Geoff powering the music.

The people there were interesting. There were brief speeches to promote what the band called “the fourth annual Utahpia.” There there was this guy…Zac’s doppelganger.


The finally was the guys dancing.

So many hippie girls. Great times were had by all.

3 thoughts on “Shake Your Peace

  1. Wow! You were in bike/green Nirvana. It’s amazing to see that being green doesn’t have to be hard and nasty…it can be fun!
    I was amazed that those people from Yuma were there! What’s up with that? Are they always there or were they just passing through?

  2. I missssss you!!! I will call you soon! HOpe all is well and that our garden is good! Thanks for taking care of it while we are away. I just love you so much. Logan is awesome and still super super silly. But wonderful!

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