Easter Celebrations

As the regular readers of our blog know, we love to celebrate! Why would Easter be any different? This year was our best Easter ever. I spent the whole week studying the last week of the life of Christ. I watched everything from the Testaments to The Lamb of God. I read in Jesus the Christ and The Bible Dictionary. It was really cool. I learned a lot. During the week Karl and I were asked to speak in sacrament meeting. Thursday we were ready to do some celebrating!

PART ONE: Dyeing the Eggs

Yes, this is Karen participating in her first egg dyeing experience. She was a pro!
Here she is…delicately choosing her first egg.

The egg dye was really concentrated. We used two packs of the dye in each glass


The Red was my favorite because in Albania there was an Eastern Orthodox tradition of dying Easter eggs red for the blood for of Christ.
These are some of our best ones. The red egg in the bottom right hand corner looks especially good because it is a brown egg so it is extra dark.

Zac was having about as much fun as he has at baby showers and parades.

Me on the other hand, I was having a blast. Although truth be told, Krysta and Karl probably dyed the most eggs.

PART TWO: The Baskets

So Karl and I decided that we would give each other Easter baskets. We got the idea from Leah and Branny. Last year I just got a bunch of candy for both of us…this was a lot more fun.
We had planned to exchange baskets in the morning, but I couldn’t wait…so we did it at midnight.
This was Karl’s basket for me!
Salomi, Blue cheese dressing, a rainbow unicorn kite, sour, laughing cow cheese, and my favorite soda. Not to mention delicious Reese’s peanut butter cups.
My basket for Karl:
Basically candy, socks, s plane and a back scratcher. I also gave him an I OWE YOU in a happy passover card for an digital thermometer for meats and stuff.

My favorite thing was the Rainbow Unicorn Kite.

Karl of course got started building his plane right away. I was tired so I went to bed.

PART THREE: BREAKfast…and Egg wars

The last part of my Easter surprise was cinnamon rolls. Karl hid them in the trunk so breakfast would be a surprise.

We invited Krysta and Zac over for breakfast and Easter egg wars! Another Orthodox tradition. You knock your eggs together and the egg that didn’t die…wins. We faced off as couples first.

Zac won that round…and Karen wasn’t left out. She had a little plastic egg. She tried to tap her mom’s egg.

Karl and I were next. I won, yeah baby!

In the end however Zac was victorious.

Here is Zac with the winning egg.

We heated up the cinnamon rolls while we battles and ate when we were done.

We had our Easter eggs with breakfast. While we ate Zac mention he knew how to blow the eggs out of the shell with out breaking it…and so we all had to try.

Here is Krysta having a go. NO success I am afraid.

Karl just destroyed about 10 eggs by the end.


PART FOUR: Dinner and Entertainment

Karl and I were really excited about dinner. We made our favorite meals.

Karl loves steak…

I love mashed potatoes. I can hear my moms voice in my head…”Jeeze Bobs, you think you made enough?” Mom you can NEVER have too many mashed potatoes.

We also had some green beans for good measure.

Karl loved it. He said they were the best steaks he had eaten in a year!

After dinner Krysta and Zac came over and Karen and I jammed together. This is about two minutes after Karen learned that when you blow into the recorder it makes sound. It was so much fun!

4 thoughts on “Easter Celebrations

  1. You guys are getting so many fun traditions started. Things like that really give you something to look forward to as you deal with the stress and strain of everyday life.

  2. You guys have really started some fun traditions! Things like that are really fun to look forward to during the stress and strain of the everyday grind.

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