Devanie’s Back

Karl left to Seattle for FOUR whole days and left me all alone with the children.
I was feeling pretty depressed about it, but not to worry! Devanie Roberts with children too, were meeting us at our very own Cascade Park.

Lucas Mirah and I arrived, but we didn’t realized that there was someone else with us too…

Can you see him? On the blanket? 
A gigantic praying mantis! 
I freaked out like a baby, but thankfully Dev was there to save me and shake home off. 
The kids got right to playing. 
I think that they were all getting along. Well Lucas was there but indifferent to Dane and Afton. 
We played at the park for a while then decided to go over to the school and check out the library there, which, I knew happened to be open that day. 
Lucas jumped right on the computer and Dane made a new life long friend, a stuffed Clifford toy. 
The Mirah saw the craft area and Lucas saw the connect 4 game and they were set for life. 
They had a button making station too, and I made one for me. 
It says, “I HEART Mirah & Lucas”
Mirah made one too. It’s a unicorn. 
After all that fun and learning we were all hungry, so we went to In-n-Out for lunch! 
A super fun first outing together.
So excited that the Roberts are back in town! 

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