Apple Sauce!

So one of my goals in since conference is to get more active in ward activities. I am a member of the enrichment committee so I attend as many of those activities as I have been able. Yet I feel like I need to do more. So, I have become a “yes” woman. When I read about the apple sauce activity in Relief Society, I signed up and paid right away.

I had no IDEA what I was signing up for.

The e-mail I received on Friday afternoon said that it would take 3-4 hours. Yikes. I had tones of other things to do that morning, so I decided that I could commit at least two hours. I got there and it was immediately clear that we would be there for many more hours than that.

The process began by cutting many many apples into pieces. I mean many, many.

These were huge buckets.
Then they boiled them until the were soft. This took…time.

Then they are moved to this crazy contraption that takes the boiled apples and mushes them.

It somehow know how to get the seeds and the skins out of the way too. I want one.

Then began the canning process.

Once we got them full of sauce we would bring them to this:

Boiling them full seals the jars and kills the germs, I think.

Hundreds of jars. Seriously. I did only stay my committed two hours but a friend from the ward told me that the group was there at least 8, if not more! By the end of my two hours, I was sweaty as sticky all over. My eyelids were sticking to my face and my fingers were sticking together. My back hurt from leaning over and I hated apples. I admire those people who stayed THE WHOLE TIME! You guys are awesome.

It cost $1.25 per jar. I was at Walmart the other day, I saw jars twice this size for…$1.29. Is it OK that I am OK with just buying my own sauce from now on?

6 thoughts on “Apple Sauce!

  1. But now you know how to do it if a couple of bushels of apples fall mysteriously into your lap. You will be ready for the famine with your super ninja stealth applesauce making skills!

    Mama Hite

  2. Now you know why canning wasn’t a priority in the Pipkin household. AS mama hite said, it is a good thing to know, but when you can buy it for cheap, why not?

  3. hey……

    you know how your plate frame says love is being chads grandma?

    well zac monette has one that says

    “i invented apple sauce”

    haha this makes me think of it.

    and why doesnt mom comment on my blogs?

    oh ya…. you cant read them. they are too long..


  4. and i seperated every line so you

    can read them better since being

    too cluttered makes you lose



    opps i mean



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