Fun with Cousins and Horses

It was a Wednesday or Thursday evening, and grandma called. She asked if Karl could come and help grandpa move hay for the horses. Karl LOVES manual labor so he jumped at the opportunity to flex his muscles. Grandma mentioned that Nate and Branny were coming too and I said, “I can help too grandma.” She said I could go as a cheerleader if I wanted to. Which totally ticked me off for two reasons: One, just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I can’t do this kind of work and Two: I know I am at least stronger than Nate! (love ya cousin!)

The day came and Branny, Karl, Nate, and I met up with Grandpa at the mouth of Provo Canyon and headed off with a trailor full of hay to the place were the horses are kept.
Branny was the only one who had been before, so Grandpa put him in charge; calling him the foerman. Barnny had little intrest in this role, but did his best to get everything set up the way grandpa liked it.
We started…there were 105 bails and we were 6 young adults. (Brian and his friend…Craig I think, met us out there.)
Karl personally unloaded 2/3 of the entire trailor before he took a break. He was so awesome!

Here are Brian and Nate busy at work.

As we were nearing the end, we made a few realizations:

1. Even if you don’t have hay fever, hay makes you sneeze…a lot.

2. No matter what you do, sweat, dirt and hay are not a good mixture.

Grandma was proably right…being a cheerlead would probably been more fun. Although I really did enjoy getting in there. Next time I am wearing long sleves and gloves…yikes.

A few days later, we were all together again. In lieu of our first sunday dinner, grandma decided to get all the cousins together. Every one was there.

Cam, who is living in Salt lake came. It was really good to see him. He seems to be doing really great.

Of Course the newly weds were there!
Leah did a great job at her first big extended family gathering.
Lisa was in town from Canada. We found out it is a big mistake to even hit that she may be Candian. Karl asked her, “So are the cousins with the blog from Canada?” Lisa was like, “What?!” Karl replied, “You live in Canada and have a blog right?” For some reason this made her mader, and I found myself apologizing, for him and not understanding why. There must have been some misunderstanding. As we left Karl waved bye, and Lisa called out, “you go home.” So Lisa, what did you think that Karl said?

Then of course Kelsea and Nate Rock were there. I can’t beleive that Kelsea is in college. She spent most of the dinner trying to read her anthropology homework. She looks so good.

Heather, Janson, and Mike were there. I haven’t seen Jason for YEARS, and he looked really good. We finally me Mike! Grandma love him and is always gushing about how great these two are. We unfortunatly didn’t get to talk very much, but by all accounts grandma was spot on.

It was at this point that my camera batteries died. Jared and Diana were there, and they both, again looked really good. Randy and Dannette were there. I spent most of the evening talking to them. I had never met Dannette either. She had spent some time at Ricks, and so of couse we mostly talked about my beloved Rexburg. It was great. Grandma and Grandpa sat at the head of the table, seeming to just enjoy watching thier family interact with eachother.

It was a great evening!

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