The Weenie Roast

My feet when we first got to the site.

So when Karl and I got married, we had all sorts of hopes and aspirations to become campers. We even registered for all sorts of camping stuff. My aunt Susan was the only one who bought us anything in that area. It was a tent. Our second anniversary is on Tuesday and we have only ever set up the tent once…in our living room, the week after we got married, for 15 minutes. So although our intentions have always been good, we have never taken the opportunity to go camping, even though we have always intended to. Last night, we had the closest thing I have done to camping in a long time. A bonfire weenie roast. We have been to campfires and such in the resent past, but our location this time was so secluded a lacked things such as…seating that I had not prepared for. Our site:

Well it was rustic, with a few logs for seating and a fire ring.
Although some of the logs were a bit shady. Karl was especially nervous about this whole. He kept saying that a snake was going to jump out at any moment. I was more afraid of something like this:
That is Karl’s thumb for perspective. This thing was HUGE, and although he was found much later in in the night in a totally different place…this is what I was afraid of.
(Side story: Leah found him on the bridge on our way out, she scooped him up in this cup and brought him over for everyone to see. I was amazed by her courage when she let this 3 inch bug crawl on her clothed arm. She remained totally composed until he started climbing towards her face, and then even Leah couldn’t help but scream. As for me, I just stayed away.)

Well once seating was figured out we got started on a fire:

Brandon’s old buddy Ben, recently returned from Japan, joined us. He jumped right in and stared helping out with the fire. Branny joined in and in no time we had our fire.
Here is Leah and Sarah enjoying the extra kindling.
The problem was that it was still 90 degrees out side and we were sweating before we lit the fire. Karl was…uncomfortable:
You can’t really see it here, but his face was covered in huge beads of sweat.
Brandon was getting a little too…uncomfortable in the heat. He tried to alleviate himself by drinking some apple juice. We were all so hot most of the drinks were gone before we even ate.

Not that we weren’t having fun.
One of my BFF’s from my mission was there: Switzy!
Once we got cooking everyone was much happier.
Except Karl maybe….
We tried roasting pineapple…it was a good idea anyway.

Switzy really loved it! Well maybe just a little.
We also roasted Marshmallows and made smores with Reese’s peanut butter cups. Those were good. A few of us attempted to roast Starbursts but it was getting late and we were ready to go.

But before we left…we had one item of business to attend to:
This is Sarah, let us call her, Karah. She was gifted this lovely American Flag postage stamp faux fleece, mal-proportioned, blanket by her now ex-boyfriend. Lets call him Ames-Jay /piglatin. The story goes that he made this for her because he knew how much Karah loved the Constitution and the United States Postal Service. Now that they are broken up, it became necessary for Karah to incinerate this monstrosity.
Mostly it was really cool to be with my little bro-
My feet at the end of the night:

3 thoughts on “The Weenie Roast

  1. Lots of fun with your friends. I like your roasting basket. You didn’t have to cook your hot dogs on a stick. About the feet: remember Allie, if you ever discover what shoes are for your feet won’t get dirty out in the wilderness. In the meantime, I guess you have to chose shoes or dirty feet. Knowing you, it will be dirty feet. They can be washed.

  2. Hi Ali! It’s Laura (Seymour) Horrocks. I just ran across your guys’ fun blog. Camping is so much fun…Tyson and I need to do it soon. Anyways I hope you don’t mind us linking you to ours! I haven’t seen your family in forever!

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