New Socks

When Karl and I were first married we shared socks. In fact we have continued to share them until just recently. At first we just bought two big bags of white tube socks and white ankle socks. We also had bunches of “butt rubby” or black business socks. The arrangement worked out fine until the elastic would start to stretch out and the heal of the sock would be near my mid-calf. Or until I would loose one of Karl church socks and he would have to wear mismatched socks to church. We forgot the problem with the arrival of summer I didn’t wear socks. Then winter rolled back around, and it wasn’t that big of a deal because my mom bought me some ladies business socks which I wore through the season. Now summer is back and I am on an exercising mission to loose weight. And running around with black business socks, ladies business socks, or huge old ankle sock became a bit of a problem. Well on Saturday, Karl’s 24th birthday, three weeks shy of our 2nd anniversary, we did it, we made the big move…we bought real live his and hers gym socks. I wear a size 9 and Karl wears a size 13. It is about time. The funny things collage kids do to save a buck.

3 thoughts on “New Socks

  1. Allie this story makes me more happy than I can say. Wow.

    The closest Michael and I come is that we wear the same kind of deoderant. I just think boy kind works better, and you save money buying the two-pack.

    Gotta love college/young married life.

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