An Impromptu Missionary Reunion

Another Day, another gathering.  I have not been able to attend any of my mission reunions because of timing and the fact that we have been living in the great white north for the past two years.  I have lived in Provo for three and a half months now and have seen more of my mission companions than I have in those two years.  It has been wonderful.  Today was Motra and President Clayton’s homecoming talk. The meeting house was full of all of these people:

President Clayton and Motra Clayton are on the left hand second row from the bottom.  He has white hair, with a yellow tie, with his wonderful wife in yellow next to him.  The rest of the group is a hodge podge of Albanians and return missionaries.  Most of my friends are with me in the upper right hand corner, but there are several kids, including Couple Missionaries, that are good friends also.  

 Krysta Lee Cox Whitmore, Ledija Beshku, Sheana Switzer, Nicole White Moultier, Lorena Baboci, Remington Brundage Richards, and of course chubby old me.

These are my girls, my MTC companions, Switzy, Pippy, and Bardha!

Another delightful part of the day, I saw my other mission President and his wonderful wife, President and Motra Colton.  They look just the same, happy and wonderful.

A table of wonderful Albanians!  Ridi, oh, it was great to see her! Lorena, and all the girls!

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