Happy Birhtday Wendy Sue!!!

Yes, it is my mom’s…29th Birthday!

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to get my mom, but when it came to me it seemed so obvious. Yes, I will make her a platter at Color Me Mine! My sister Maryn is always telling me it is her favorite place and that I have to go. The problem is that the last time I bought pottery it was way too expensive and I didn’t get what I wanted. So date night rolled around and Karl and I headed down to the shop. Karl was really…quite on the drive over. I sensed he thought this might be another one of my “lame” ideas.

It took Karl a while, but he got the dedication all written for us.

Karl wouldn’t admit it, but he was having a really good time decorating pottery.

This technique is really cool. You mix soap, water and paint and it creates a really cool patter on the plate. We started out pretty good while the girl was watching us… then Karl took over…

He got really into it.

We had TONS of bubbles when we were done! Maybe too many, by the time they all popped all we had was a huge red puddle underneath. Two more tries later…we did it!

Doesn’t the middle pattern look really cool?! We painted it with colors like rockin’ red speckled blue and green. In the end it looked pretty cool before we sent it to the kiln.

You can’t see the finished product in the picture, but the one above really shows what the platter looked like when we were done. All and all, a really fun date night, and it only took 2 1/2 hours!


The day finally came when our baby came out of the kiln. Who knew such a chalky thing could turn into THIS-

Then of course there is the back-

We are both so pleased with the way it turned out…I hope mom likes it!


Growing mom would often reminisce about the beauty of Utah, and how much she missed her home town of Provo. She would get this far off look in her eye and start singing “Far From the Home I Love,” from Fiddler on the Roof. One such story time of yore was about these huge eclairs that the BYU Creamery would make. Mom said she used to walk home every day by way of the Creamery and get what she called “Alligator Eclairs.” She loved them. I remember as she would talk about them she would close her eyes tight, through back her head and squish her face and repeat, “so, so, good.” Apparently, they were so good that and she ate so many that her father began to be conserned and put her on a strict diet of NO eclairs.

As far I as can tell the BYU Creamery doesn’t sell any such eclair any more. BUT, last week when I bought the baklava for the Albanian dinner party I came here:

and guess what famous Provo treat I found in this old Provo bakery? You guessed it… Alligator eclairs!!! Tomorrow is Moms birthday, and Branny & Leah’s wedding reception. (huh, this is the first time I have thought about them, and the fact that I haven’t gotten them a gift…oops!) I have to get the platter and the Eclairs down to Arizona in one piece. The eclairs are in my freezer right now.PS: July 23, 2008The Eclairs barley made it! They got totally smashed in the Reign’s fridge, after making it nearly 36 hours across 2 states, they got smashed in the fridge. BLEG! Well, mom didn’t even notice, and she loved everything! Especially the eclairs.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birhtday Wendy Sue!!!

  1. Looks like pottery night was a success! (What a lucky mom you have) I was laughing because I remember my mom talking about the BYU creamery and their treats too! It must have been a big deal at the Barainca house…

    BTW – You and your husband are adorable together!

  2. Pips, I love your blog! And I love those alligator eclairs! We used to have a tradition to get them every St. Patrick’s Day when I lived in Utah, and I’ve been trying to find them ever since I got back and never could. Now I know where to go 🙂
    Shena (don’t look at my blog…it’s bad)

  3. I found it!!! hooray! So, I need your phone number… and to play with my cousin and fav. cousin-in-law!!! My number is (435) 881-0745… and our blog is: nicolicoli.blogspot.com

    Love you Hites!

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