The 4th

The most hilarious Russian nesting dolls I have ever seen on sale at the Provo fair!

A balloon, my first big balloon in a parade.

Yikes, the inevitable famous Mormon in a parade! Its Glen Beck….

Star Wars Gallion, according to Zach, “the best part of the parade.

We went to the Provo Parade, ate kettle corn, got sun burns, and lit off fireworks at home…yep, that sounds like the 4th of July!

3 thoughts on “The 4th

  1. Hey cousin! It’s Lisa Suker Belanger. How is married life? I talked to your mom about a week ago and she said that you are happy as ever. I hope everything is great back in good old Utah for you and your hubby. I am excited to be able to follow your life on your blog. Keep in touch!

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