Picnic Up the Alpine Loop

After swim lessons we grabbed some lunch then headed up Provo Canyon. Mom’s favorite place. 
We drove up the Alpine loop and found a place to park and eat our lunch. 
Mom carried the Happy Meals. 
Mirah led the way with me right behind. 
200 feet from the road a little tail led to a clearing under a tree. There were some felled trees around a fire pit. 
Babies on a log. 
And there we sat to eat. 
I was there too, I promise! 
What do you have there Grandma? 
Lucas kept dropping his food into the ashes. 
Grandma kept fretting as he did. 
Mom and her mountains. 
We drove down the canyon and stopped at Bridal Veil Falls. 
The water near there is so high, and we were both nervous. 
Kids had to hold hands. 
Mirah wanted to put her feet in the water.
And dance on the rocks, so I let her, while hovering near by. 
Just to explain why I was so nervous about that part of the river:
Three people, two adults and one child drown in the river this year. It freaks me out. 
So you better believed that I was holding my little runner hand nice and tight. 
Hi! My hair is just UGH. 
We weren’t near the fast water. 
My little mermaid. 
Hello Provo canyon.

Mom left that afternoon. She was going to spend some time with Kelly and the boys. Then go up and have dinner with Krystin in Salt Lake. We got home, put the kids down for naps and said see you tomorrow. 

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