Last Day of Swim Lessons

Ugh, by the end of the daily two week swim lessons I was READY to be done. I hated that we had them while mom was in town. But we had already rescheduled TWICE, and we are running out of days of summer! 
Part of the last day is getting the certificate of completion! 
Here are Lucas and me waiting to get our certificate. 
Lucas had an odd way of keeping warm. 
Here we are, with our teacher Jessica and our certificate of completion-with a gift certificate for one free entrance to the Scera pool! 
Here is Mirah and her teacher Bailey. 
Passed Preschool level 3 with FLYING colors! 
She was so proud of her self. I love to see that expression of happy pride in her face. She did it! 
Love this girl. I am very proud of the progress she is making in her swimming skills. 
Swimming takes a lot out of these little guys. 
And even though it was a warm summer day, and the water was warm, they were always so chilly and tired when it came time to go home. 
I mean look at this guy!
It was fun, but I am glad that’s over. 

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