Karl’s Birthday

My wonderful Karl had a birthday. The big 33.

The kids were excited to jump in bed and wake dad up that morning. But then I turned on Puffin rock, and they couldn’t be bothered to look at the camera. 

We had a nice lazy day.
After swim lessons we met Karl for lunch at Smoke House. 
Lucas was having a hard time just slightly leaning in. 

Mirah and me on this side. 

Mom and Karl together over there. 

Everyone was in a silly mood that day. 

Karl had Scouts that night. 
They held it outside and said that it would be short. Since I wanted to take the family out to dinner and celebrate together. 
 I couldn’t get the kids to come inside. 
So it was all I could do to get them to hunt for ripe tomatoes in the garden. 

The buses are getting really tall. 

A birthday surprise! We have a pumpkin! 

For dinner we had sushi at our favorite place, Suchi Ya. 
Mirah was excited when the wasabi and ginger plate came out. She thought the wasabi was frosting…oops. 
The kids had noodles. 


We got bottomless sushi. 
No it was all really good. 
Krysta, Zac, Karen and my mom were there too. Somehow I never was able to get a group shot. 
Happy birthday to my love and life partner. Here’s to many more birthdays together. 

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