Birthday Celebration Dinner for Grandma Pippy

Grandma Wendy was having a stressful day on her birthday. She was in California, and we wanted her here in Utah with us. So once we got her to Utah we tried to find a time to get together and through her a little party. He time with us was too short. Belle was out of town, and KP had plans, SO with only half of the Utah children, but all of her grandchildren, got together at the park at Cam’s work in Lehi.

We met at the park rather than at a restaurant in an effort to make the food quality better, and the kids happiness higher. The Murray Pipkins got Slab pizza.

Mom got Zupas I think.

Our family got MoBeddah.

We tried to sit and have dinner first.
But the kids had other plans.

Kelly was saying that Reese is totally obsessed with sprinklers right now. So when they suddenly turned on he was REALLY gone.

We got him back eventually. Perfect Reese.

It was time to have cup cakes and sing happy birthday to Grandma. 
Grandma was surrounded by her little loves so she was happy.

It was a windy day, so it was a little tricky. 

Lets sing it! 
Cup cake time. 
Grandma trying to help the boys. 
The kids went off to play and the grown ups sat and chatted. 
All of the kids except Lucas that is. Lucas sat and ate. 
And ate. 

And ate. I think he had 4 cup cakes.

Which gave him this dashing crumb beard.

Meanwhile out at the playground.

I went over to see what the kids were up to and the newly cleaned off Lucas joined me. 
More sprinkelers turned on as we were trying to leave. 

All and all, pretty great party. 

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