Quick Pop In from Grandparents Hite

So the main purpose for Jim and Lynnelle’s visit to Utah this time around was a Barney kids Reunion. Their plans had changed a bit since a friend of the family (the Barney family) who was living in Provo passed away. They had been good family friends since the Hawaii days, and they had kids the same age as Pat and Betty.

The group all came to the funeral. 

While they were in the area, Jim and Lynnelle made a stop at Casa Hite. 
We were happy to have them. 

I had purchased Luke and Mirah these 5 Minute story books and Lucas had been carrying it around with him ever since. He had both Grandma and Grandpa read him a story. 

Karl was at work, but came home early to see his mom and dad. 
Three generations. 
They said farewell and headed up to Logan for the week. 

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