Summer Fun with Grandma Pippy

Mom came back to Orem on Monday morning, just in time for swim lessons.

When lessons were over, we check up on the garden. 

The yellow cherry tomatoes are really coming on these days.
Every day the kids go out and get a snack. THIS is why I always grow cherry tomatoes. It creates this great thing for the kids. That they can come and pick and eat right off of the vine. They know where their food comes from in a small way. They can see how much better vine ripened tastes. 


My mom is so cute. She is still so young. She spend the afternoon playing on the sitting room floor with Lucas. 
This little snail used to be Belle’s. It is Gary from Sponge Bob. 
Karl made dinner.
After dinner. It was Monday night, and for FHE we went to go and get a snow cone. 

Summer time moment. Mirah got the Keiki rainbow. 
Lucas was loving it too. 


So much snow cone. 
Brain Freeze!! 

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