Sunday, Primary Thank You Dinner

It was Sunday. And we were back at Church.
Mom was spending a couple of days with Cam and Kelly, so we were on our own for a little bit. 

Mu cuties. 
But after church we had a special dinner. I am serving in our ward’s Primary Presidency. Sunday was our Primary Worker Appreciation Dinner. 

Melissa Swan was kind enough to offer her back yard as a venue for the event. 
As people arrived we gave them these sheets to get to know each other better. 
(this is Mirah’s sheet. She spent the WHOLE dinner getting it signed by people. She really wanted to finish. It is SO CUTE.)

We kept it real from the corn on the cob

To the BBQ style fair. To the table with coloring paper. 

A picture of the presidency. Too much shadow and back lighting. 

So we came around into the sun and just couldn’t get serious. 

Yep, that’s us.

Dessert was served. 

We had 51 of the 100 or so people we expected so not too shabby.

We cleaned up and Karl and I sat on the porch enjoying the lovely evening. 

What a veiw. 

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