Fancy Steak with the Hites

As we were driving home from Salt Lake that day, we got a call from Jim and Lynnelle. They had arrived in Utah, and wanted to see us. They were nearly at Betsy and Nick’s place and after a short conversation with them, then a call to Nitsy, we ended up in Day Break.

The kids, who usually play well together, were having a rough day. Lucas and the girls napped while Mirah and the boys played and fought.

We had a nice time visiting.

Jim and Lynnelle, always SO generous took everyone out to a fancy steak dinner. 

On Jim’s insistance I got just what I wanted:
It was PRETTY bomb. We got 3 apps the the table shared and the kids did alright. 

One our drive home we went up and down the hills to the freeway and the kids were having a blast. 
We were all stuffed an beat. It was a fast bed time that night. 

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