Farmers Market with Grandma Pippy

Saturday morning dawned BRIGHT and early. 
We had plans to meet everyone at the SLC farmers Hobo encampment, I mean Farmers Market. 
The time was set for a 9:00 AM meet up time so we were up early and out the door before 8! 
But it was all worth it to see these cute faces. 

Mom was in love with EVERY vendor. 
And everyone else was on a mission. 
I somehow didn’t get many pictures of the event this time around. We didn’t buy anything. But it was fun to be out and together. 
Mom needed more time at the market and Lucas needed a new diaper. So we headed back to the car and left her there. We got Lucas all set, and went over to Trader Joes for some things. 
We met up with mom for Lunch. We got Dim Sum and I broke a chop stick. The kids were LOOSING it by the end and between that and the ever encircling homeless population in that area I was READY to leave. 
A note on the homeless situation. It’s bad right now. The closed the shelter in the area and it just seems to have put all of the destitute on the streets everywhere. There are large encampments in the mediums of the roads, there are people bathing in the McDonald’s bathroom. There were emaciated high people everywhere. Yes it was scary, but it was also really sad and upsetting.
I was left feeling sad on my ride home, wondering what will happen in the area. 

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