Splashing with some Dole Whips

It had been a full day. Museums, Lunch, Naps, Market, Dinner, then dessert. 

Mom’s favorite dessert is the Doll Whip. She had it I think the first time when she went to Hawaii. So at least once during her visits we go to the Provo Beach Resort and snag a Doll Whip for good measure.

Now this was an outing Lucas could get behind! 

We brought the kids in their suits to play in the water. But once Karl came back with the ice cream the water was dead to them. 
He was mad I didn’t let him hold it. 
Mirah on the other hand was glad for the assist. 

And mom was just happy. 

I relented, since I had my own ice Doll Whip to worry about.
The many faces of a boy trying to get a big scoop of ice cream. 

Mirah was much less serious. She would take a bite, then run out and play, then take a bite and splash an unsuspecting passer by…sigh.
Oh, getting here. I can HEAR myself saying, “look at me, look at the camera, look at the black dot, smile, please, Mirah herer…”
Got one?
Ok. I love this perfect face. hahahahahah
Speaking of perfect faces:
Lucas was making a face that we missed. But still cute.

The did get into the water in earnest. But it was getting late and it was time for bed. 

My boys. 
A good end to a good day. 

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