A 3 Museum Day

One of the things my mother LOVES to do while she is in town is visit the BYU MOA. The last few times she was here there was a featured exhibit that she was interested in and we made a stop to see it. Today however, we didn’t know what we were walking into. 
It was a really interesting exhibit of LDS art. Unlike anything I have ever seen before. 

Some of it felt really true to me and my life. 

Others were pieces were more conceptual, which I also liked.

Erma I really love this one. 

The Iron rod. The Great and spacious building. 

The one was a powerful visual to me. 
We checked out all of the different exhibits. We went down stairs, and up again. The kids were starting to loose it, and mom could have stayed there all day. So I suggested rather than go home we went somewhere that would interest them too.

The Monte L Bean. 

Haha. This the Liger. Mom was excited to see it. Apparently she also saw it while it was alive at the Hogel Zoo. 
Mom is the BEST to go with if you want someone to give you an honest and excited reaction. From the giant giraffs in the foyer to this HUGE Elephant in the middle of the old wing mom was impressed! She kept saying, “Wow! Is that real??”

Near where the old entrance is they have a little kids play area. There is a tunnel that says, “beware of bear.” Inside there is no light. Mirah was too nervous, Lucas wanted to run around. I sent Mirah in after reading sign and she came out screaming, “there’s a bear in there!” I rolled my eyes and told her it was just a joke. Then got on my tummy to check it out. It was at this point Lucas wanted another go:

Yep, there’s a bear in there. 

We play with this magnetic ant hill. No ants inside. 

We looked around some more and decided it was time to go upstairs.
We laughed at the size of the elevator. It was huge. So big, that you could do jumping jacks. Which mom and Mirah did while we went up:

Silly ladies.

The exhibits upstairs were pretty…action packed.
Some were a bit much for Mirah. 

It was at this point Lucas wanted out. But he wanted to pet all of the animals so-up he went. 

Mirah pose. 
Last stop at the Bean:
A butterfly made of butterflies:

Since we had just been to the Dinosaur museum, we saw the Paleontology museum on our way up the hill and started chatting about it. Mom had never been. It was a small set of artifacts, but impressive. And free. So why not make one last stop on our Museum Tour.

Like I said, SO COOL!

This amazing triceratops head is one of my favorite things ever. Imagine finding this? 

IDK if you dear reader can see it on the faces of my children, but we were loosing them. 

So, we stopped off at home for lunch.
At mom’s favorite place:

The kids are always happy here. Fruit, unlimeted crackers and soup? Hite kid’s paradise. 
First bite of soup always the best. 
Love you mom.
Home for naps. Sigh, great morning! 

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