Ward Pioneer Day Celebration

We were up bright and early to help out with our ward Pioneer Day activity. It is the biggest activity of the year besides Christmas and they really blow it out!
The primary was in charge of bike decorations.
So we decided on balloons. 
I was the official balloon blower upper. 
With the help of  Ryan Beckstead. 
And Melissa Swan. ( and Grace too.) 
Sydney was there too. Helping out with tieing on ribbon and balloons. 
We got the kids bikes all ready. 
In bike parade tradition some kids even road in the name of some of their pioneer ancestors. 
Others just got into the spirit of the day! 

And away we went. Bishop Crandall leading the way. 
Lucas excited to join in. 
And Karl. 
And former bishop of the ward, Bishop Felberg. 
My boys bringing up the back. 
Mirah with her pink balloon. 
Ack her hair! 

After the bike parade the scouts did the flag ceremony. 

And Lucas found some silly boys to sit with. 
Mirah found her best primary bud Elsie. 
We greeted our friends and neighbors who were doing all the cooking. 
After a breakfast of pancakes, omelets, bacon, sausage, juice, and fruit, we got in line for the wagon ride. 

And we were off. 
The part that we were all looking forward to:

The downhill slip and slide! 
Mirah’s turn! 

Karl threw Lucas on too. 

He loved it. 
Sort of. 
Mirah on the other hand was in total heaven. 
Such a fun day. 
Lucas did get into it eventually. Just saying. 

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