Breakfast and the Uintas

We had stayed out late the night before watching Valerian, and had acquired another child in the process.
No, not this cutie. 
Not this one either. 
Yes, this one. 
We decided to go out to breakfast. 
Guess where??
Yep, the black bear diner. 

Breakfast was HUGE and delicious. 
Like Luke’s amazing pigs in blankets. 

Or my meal. 
Or Karen’s side of bacon. 
Karen had to go back to her mom, I guess. 
So them we hit the road up to the Uintas. 
To check out Mirror Lake. 
We made the trek out here once before last year in late May, but most of the trails were STILL frozen over. This time, in late July, everything was open and beautiful. 

There had been rain and hail storms that morning so the trail around the lake was actually pretty muddy.  NBD with this crew. 
Mirah trudge right into the muddy water without a second thought. 
Lucas had missed his nap that day, so he was a little groggy after a long drive. 
But despite the long drive and missed nap we were all so glad to be there. 

There were a couple of girls on the lake in a canoe. Mirah wanted to be in a canoe. 
She unfortunately had to settle for a little wading in the water. With a promise of a trip in a canoe someday so soon. 

People were fishing. 

Lucas was riding. 

Mirah just wanted to be mermaid and swim out into the water. 

My little hiking buddy. 

My boys. 

There were  boardwalks around some parts of the lake. 

So curious and smart and lovely this child. 

And more photo opps.

The conversation was stimulating. 


It wasn’t a particularly long hike, but with little kids frequent stops are necessary. 

And did I mention, Lucas LOVES to run away? 
And Mirah loves to stare off into the water mysteriously. 

So while Mirah and I did that, Karl and Lucas trying to find the trail again. 

But man, what a view. 
It became clear we needed to get Luke back into the backpack, so it was my turn. 
Time for another family photo. 
I love this one. 
Oh Lucas. 

Karl and his lady. 
Me and my buddy. 

The final boardwalk of the hike. 

Lost longing, mysterious looks at the lake. 

I mean, those clouds look fake. 
What punk? 
After a rest, we were back to the car. 
Saying farewell to this lovely lake. 

We drove around the park looking at all the beauty it had to offer. 
By the time we got to Provo River Falls, Lucas had fallen asleep, so Mirah and Karl went on alone, while I stayed with him at the car. 

Trying to make a cool picture…unsuccessfully. 

Hiking further down.
That’s my girl. 

Oh that hair. 

LOVE this one. 
Since it was getting late, and Luke was tired, we headed home. We stopped at Dairy Keen. 
Lukey LOVED the trains. 

He was riveted. 
And cute. I just want to kiss that baby face!! 
Food came soon, and they were all eyes and hearts on the shakes. 

We got home in time for bed, which we were all super excited for.

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