Provo Canyon Picnic

Wednesday we woke up late, again. We got a sitter for the kids that morning. 
We went to the outlets to spend my birthday money! 
We got home, and had quiet time with the kids. 
When we got up and out again it was late afternoon. 
We drove through Dairy Queen and got the kids some kids meals. Which came with Dilly Bars. Since we are such cool parents, we left them have their ice cream first. 
They ate them on our way up the canyon. 
We stopped at Vivian park, so that they could eat their late lunch/ early dinner. 
We sat down at a bench and tried to get the kids to eat. BUT-they were full on ice cream. 

Karl took Mirah
I got this maniac. Lucas. 

While sitting down my leg found a look metal support bar. It was sharp.

While I nursed that wound, I man came up with a cat trap. Well, that’s what my dad called them. In the trap, there was a squirl that had been getting into his garden. So he brought it up the canyon to have a better life. He asked us if the kids wanted to check it out. 

Yes mysterious man at Vivian park, they totally would! 
He opened the cage, and let it free. We watched it scurry into the bushes. 

After all of that excitement, food was forgotten and we set up the trail with the kids on their bikes. 
Lucas has gotten SO good on his little Strider. It’s nuts. 

I honestly had a hard time keeping up with him. 
He had a hard time staying on the trail:
He loves to yell as he goes, like in the video above he shouts “GO!” as he kicks off. 

Mirah was a little nervous as we started, so we kept circling back to meet with her. 
Then back up the trail we went. 
I mean look at him go!!
He says here, “it’s a bike!”

Nervous crossing the bridge. 
Then off we went. 
Karl was busy setting up his hammock, but when he saw that we were heading down the trail in earnest, he ran to catch up with us! 
Here he is trying to explain to the kids about the multi user path, and how they were doing it wrong. 
His efforts to correct them ended in disaster. 
So for peace’s sake, we just let Luke ride on for now. Ready to grab him out of the way at a moment’s notice. 
Then they both got really excited and far away. 

But keeping them safe and out of the way was harder than expected. 
You can here him say, “WEEE.”

We got to the pond, and it was time to turn around. 
Family Photo! 
We took a family picture, and then looked at the water for a minute. 
Lucas had a hard time turning around, so we finally had to force the issue. Karl carried Luke, I carried the bike. 
Soon he forgot all about the traumas of turning around. 
And he was back on his bike again. 
As we were rounding to the end of our ride, this lady was getting more and more confident. 
My brilliant biking babe. 

Back to Vivian park. 
And time to climb up the tree.

Lucas wanted to try sitting on the high branch. 

So cool. 
And we had some hammock time. 

Such a perfect afternoon! 

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