Seven Peaks Fun Center

We were excited to take the kids to Seven Peaks Fun Center. 
The kids were kind of confused when we said Seven Peaks. And although mom and dad got into a little spat about the best way to get there all these things were forgotten when we got on our first ride!
I mean the LOVED it. 
After the tiny swinging pirate ship, we all go on the oldest creakiest carosell on the planet. There was even a broken horse graveyard next to the ride. 
Then we tried the hopped. MUCH loved. 

Then the air plane! 

In action. 

We got the first ride on the roller coaster of the day! 
Lucas loved it, but not as much as he loved being squished by his dad. 
Then we road the bumper boats together. 

The we all got on the Pirate ship together. 

We even tired mini golf. 
But the kids are still a little young. Lucas just wanted to look at the koi pond. 
And Mirah was…

Determined to do it her own way. She didn’t listen to any of the advice we gave. We would show her hand over hand, and the she would gor right back to this stance. 
Then Lucas ran off. 
And Mirah gave up. 

So we played in the jungle gym, got some snacks, and headed home. 

Just as a side note:
Karl made us this BOMB steak dinner:

Ready for a prayer.

All in all a pretty great day! 

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