Historic Wheeler Farm with the Reddochs

After finding out that my dad’s procedure went well, we headed over to Betsy’s house.

We hung out with Betsy and the kids for the morning. Randomly, Betsy was also taking that time off.
After Lucas, Ginger and Rosie were awake from their naps we drove out the the Wheeler Historic Farm.

We bought tokens for all of the different things to do that day.
First stop, the cow train!

Lucas was still pretty dazed from his nap.

All the other kiddos!

After the ride around in the train, we presented out tokens to the farmer here to milk a cow.

He first demonstrated how to do it, then invited each child to come up and try.

Cutie Asher.

Mirah was a PRO.

With very little effort she got it to squirt. Which probably means the poor cow was really full.

Then Judah.

Who was not that into it.

Next Lucas.

How was also a little weirded out by it.

But he did it!

“Ugh, milk hands.”


Speaking of cows. There were two cutie little calves in the back that were ready for their milk! All the milk that is pumped from the cow in there is given to these beauties. 20 liters twice a day!

Lucas was in love.

Until he wasn’t.

After the milk demonstration we went to the country store and got drinks for the kids.

 It was a HOT day. They kids meanwhile played in the cool treehouse.

Even the ladies joined in!

Also as if it was meant to be, it was time for the wagon ride to set off. 

It was really sunny, and we were SUPER happy to have our hats.

And drinks.

The wagon dropped us near where it picked us up.
We took a picture together on the tree house steps.

Then attempted one of the kids.

Their rosey cheeks will tell you how hot it was in the sun. It was very nice in the shade.

The kids. And Lucas, who just couldn’t be bothered.

Everyone was beginning to melt down, and we all agreed that it was time to get inside somewhere air-conditioned. So back to the cars we headed.

But not with our first taking a picture in front of this amazing tree carving.

Poor Lucas was SWEATY.

We went to Chick Fil-A for dinner and the kids were happy to play and drink cold water and just be indoors. 

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