Dad’s Procedure

So the day after our Lagoon day, was July 18th, my mom’s birthday. It was overshadowed however by my dad’s health issues. 
At 11:00 PM on Friday June 9th, Dad wrote all of us on the family chat the following: 
“So that all of you have the same information, mom has suggested that I inform you of my current health issue. I have had a heart problem for some time. I have atrium fibrillation. One of the chambers of my heart does not fully pump, it just flutters. It causes some shortness of breath when I exert myself and I tire more easily than I am used to. There is no causal diagnosis. Mom believes it stems from untreated sleep apnea over a long period of time. The doctors don’t know it’s cause. It has advanced recently and has begun to affect the electrical system of my heart. It has begun to cause the left ventricle to flutter as well. This week I had my arteries checked they are clear. In july I will have another procedure called oblation. They will stop my heart and try to shock it back in rythm. That is not always successful. If it doesn’t work there are more invasive procedures up to cutting our scar tissue in the atrium valve including installing a pacemaker. The problem seems to be progressing so I will just have to go through the process of trying to find out what will work. Anyway, I am fine and carry on as normal. You should not worry. I would not have said anything but mom feels like it is something you all should know. I will let you know my condition changes.” 
Now, like I said, I was in Utah. Dad and Mom are in California. But this is a pretty big deal for me and our family, so I want to have it written down somewhere so that I will remember all of the particulars of the day.  Sorry Dad. 
So on July 18th early in the morning, dad went in for his oblation. 
He had the procedure done at a hospital in San Diego. 
By all accounts, everyone was in high spirits. Maryn took the day off to be with mom and dad. 
I think dad getting ready? 

The procedure was a success! 
So far, no need for any other more invasive interventions at this time. 
Mom couldn’t have gotten a more wonderful birthday present. She loves him so much, as do the rest of us. 

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