Lucas Got Stitches

So from Krysta’s perspective her Monday went very differently. We had been gone about an hour and a half. The kids were listening to music on Krysta’s phone. Mirah struck a pose, and as she stuck her leg out, Lucas, who was also wildly dancing tripped over it and fell face first into the ottoman. It’s a padded ottoman! But he hit it just right, and it split his eyebrow right open. 
Looks like a rocketship. 
Zac was working, but Krysta called him over to watch the girls. 
When he arrived, Lucas wanted to be with him. Lucas LOVES Zac. 
Krysta said he didn’t cry for more the 5 minutes, and it didn’t even really bleed that long. At first it bled A LOT. But it didn’t bleed that long. 
With Zac there, Krysta scooped Lucas up, and the went off to the Insta Care. 
They took Zac’s Truck, and Lucas was in heaven. He loved being up so high. He could see everything. 
They arrived and everything was good. 
Krysta had the foresight for bring him a book and a couple of toys. 
So he was happy. 
Lucas even made a little friend. I am not sure what her deal was… 😉 
A little while later they brought him back to check him out. They cleaned it and decided that he needed stitches. 
The gave him a numbing…shot? I think. They waited until it was numb before they stitched. 

He was having a great time. 
Krysta said all of the doctors and nurses were just in love with him. He was being so sweet and cute. 
They wrapped him in a warm blanket. He liked it I think. 

The doctor came in and talked to Lucas and Krysta about what they were going to do. 
Lucas was ready. 
Time for the first stitch. Every picture shows another amazingly cute picture of his perfect baby face. He was so good and sweet and cooperative. According to Krysta. 

He didn’t like that one. 

BUT, he is still just as tough as ever. 

Krysta said the only time he got in the way was when the thread got on his face and tickled him. 

He giggled and smiled and I am so sad a wasn’t there. 

Finished product. 5 stitches. 

He got a lolly pop
And a ride home in the truck. 

And Zac was there waiting for them. He was a HAPPY camper. 

They played outside. 

 And relaxed. 
And the girls got their silly on. 
He was happy to sit with Zac, and by all accounts had a good day otherwise. 
Like I said when I got home he was in bed. I went in to look at him, but he was sleeping on his face. By the time I got a good look at it, it was already beginning to scab. 

We hadn’t seen each other in a day and I was missing him pretty badly.

Like I just wanted to squeeze him and never let him go.

He seemed mostly unaffected besides the stitches.

As a fun ending, I’ll have Mirah giving her account of the events. 
Again, I can’t say how much it meant to me that we had Krysta there. She is basically the best friend/ surrogate mother to my children ever. 

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