Best Summer Buddies

Summer time had been an interesting change of pace for Mirah and Lucas. With Mirah out of school and home with me and Lucas these two are becoming fast friends.
They are getting better at playing together.

They remind me of my Brother Brandon and me when we were little. We were Best Buddies in the summers in Modesto.

Here they are with Tazer the dog. Playing in the yard together while Belle and Adam came to visit. 

They ran out the front door. I came running after them, they said they came out to take a picture! 
Oh my goodness my heart. 
We had been swimming, and when we came in, I needed to go to the restroom. When I came out, I was looking for them and I found them in Mirah’s room. Making business cards and laughing loudly. 

These two LOVE to run away from me. It is annoying and cute. I am running after them, then they start laughing, and I start laughing. And we all end up running around laughing.
This kid. 
 In the mornings, they sit together at the counter or at the table I make breakfast and do the dishes while they sit and eat together. 
They ride bikes together in the back and of course out front. 

Mirah dose puppet shows for him and me. 

They sit together at the table and do crafts together. 

I gave them each a little journal to color in. 

Mirah will sit and do her reading work sheets. 
Mirah is doing well with her reading and writing and sight words this summer

Lucas is speaking so much. But he is also loosing his cool over hilarious things these days. Like when we get him out of his bed in the morning or after nap times, he has to hold everything. If we don’t give him everything, watch out! 

Here he is having a meltdown on the floor of the bathroom while holding two blankets, TICKED because I didn’t let home hold all of his stuffed dogs. 

But then…They are just perfect again. Bedtime with stories, songs, and snuggles. 
My perfect summer time buddies. 

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