Hammock Time

Where is the summer going? 
We had no big plans this warm Saturday. We did some yard work and a some shopping. 
THEN we all went out into the yard for some…HAMMOCK TIME!
Somehow the recorded ended up outside with us. 

Lucas loves to just toot toot toot on it. He was tooting right into my face here. 
Hammock is a time time for snuggles. 
Looking up into the trees, resting, laughing and talking. 
Oh this face. This perfect face. 
The grape vines are in full growth and this lady loves to run and play, especially when mom and dad are being lazy. 
She wouldn’t open her eyes, no matter how many times I asked her to open her eyes. 
She thought she was being hilarious. 
There she is. 
Upside down! 

We started to fall asleep. 
Lucas was getting sleepy, we sat and listened to a pod cast. 
We put this little guy to bed.
And had a nice lazy afternoon. 

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