Splash Pad at the Mall, Again

Summer time is in full swing and we are having play dates and splash pad time all the time.
Today we were at the new splash pad our the University Place Mall. 
We always bring a cup, to fill up and throw around. 
This day, we were joined by Lund family! 
My boyfriend Matthew. 
He brought a cup too. 

His birthday is in a week, and he will be a year old, I CAN’T believe it! 
Alice was there of course. 

Lucas didn’t really feel like getting wet today. 

All he wanted to do is go inside and play, and outside and snack. 
Oh this face!! I love this face! 
Speaking of things I love. 
The totally dry Lucas playing inside on the playground. 
There is a little seat inside this play house that he LOVES to just sit on. 
There is a big wet ball that turns that he loves to spin in there too. 

THEN he found a little friend. 
Who just happened to be the son of Karl’s boss David Patty. 
We came home all wiped out, ready for snacks and naps. 

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