Last Days of Soccer Camp

Sadly soccer camp had to come to an end. 
Well sadly for this lady. 

This guy, however, had made these practices just impossible for me. 
I mean, in a super cute way. 

This was Mirah’s first time in pink penny, and she was SO excited! 
Check her out in action doing some drills! 

Super wiped out after all that running! 

Lucas was amazed. 
Only the pink team was sitting in a circle chilling. 

Mirah in her final scrimmage! 

The LAST day of camp was a water day, where Mirah was too ready to play in the water, and the kids were mostly misted. I was a little disappointed, she however was not. 

I don’t know it we will do soccer camp again next year, but Mirah loved it, and we will see.

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