Barney Family Surprise Visit!

We were having our afternoon snack in the kitchen when there was a ring at the front door. 
To our surprise, it was these cuties!! Grandpa and Grandma Barney, with their chauffeur Aunt Shirlene.

I sent Karl this picture:

And said, if he was able, he should come home and see them! 

So he did. 
Mirah went right to work making everyone feel loved and at home. 

Grandma Barney was excited to see the kids. 
Their visit wasn’t long, maybe 30 minutes, but it was so nice to see them! 
The kids sat on Karl’s car and waved goodbye. 
We got a postcard from Aunt Malia! 
(You can also see on my left arm a bracelet Mirah made me for my birthday) 

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