My Birthday Weekend

Ahhh, I am 34. I am no longer in my early 30’s. I am in my mid 30’s.
Still, I am hoping I still have lots a birthday’s ahead of me.

This birthday was a nice chill set of days.

It all kicked off early Friday morning at 8:00 AM!
Yep, the wonderful Zac Whitmore came over and brought me doughnuts and flowers and balloons! 

He said that he would be crazy busy the next day (my birthday) and he wanted to make sure to get it to me. He also said that Krysta, who was a girls camp until the next afternoon, made him do it. But we all know that’s only half true. So kind and sweet. 

It had been a SUPER late night with the kids the night before, so I was so tired, we ate the dough nuts on the kitchen floor.

Lucas’s nose was super…messy. It was a combo of boogers and frosting. YUM.

Still he enjoyed himself.

Until he didn’t. The life of an almost 2 year old. 

It was a pretty chill day. 
Karl and I went out to see Wonder Woman, and had dinner at Pizzaria 720. 

We all slept in the next morning. Here we are watching cartoons at 10! 

It was nearly 11:00 AM before we were able to get anywhere for breakfast.
I picked The Corner Bakery.

We started with the crispiest croissant that I ever had.

My date.

And my other date.

And my littlest date.

At last the pancakes arrived!

And the kids dug in! 

At breakfast I opened my birthday card from my mom, who was very generous as always. 

The day was chill. I had a nap, and we hung out.
While I napped Mirah came in over and over with a flood of birthday craft love.

One of my favorites:

It says “Ckut” Cute Love Bug” Or so she said.

I did some online shopping, and ordered myself a few things. Including:


Krysta came home, and insisted on taking the kids so Karl and I could go out.
So I put on my new birthday necklace from Mirah, made by her, with no help from anyone.

We went all out for dinner.

Then we came home and played games into the night with these beautiful faces.

The next morning we were up bright and early.

I wore my pearls.

Cutely Mirah was a missionary in class!

After church we came home and got to work on dinner. The Whitmore’s, Chelsea, Adam, Krystin, and Kami were coming over for dinner. Any special requested meal by me with include at least 10 pounds of mashed potatoes.

One of my absolute favorite mashed potato meals:

Shepherd’s Pie.

The group chowing down!

Lucas ate EVERY bite. 

Like a little piggie. 

After dinner we all went down to the basement and played Drawful!
(This was Krysta’s drawing, and that fun blue hand is her’s too.) *hehehe

My dessert? Dreamed up by Karl, fed off of my months of dreams, was a Baked Alaska inspired cup cake with ice cream and toasted italian meringue.

This was the only picture of me with my cake, a selfie, because I was otherwise occupied.

After all that goodness, we were back downstairs playing more Drawful. 

After a few more rounds, the gang cleared out, and it was time for bed.
After the kids were in bed, I opened my gifts from Karl.

No, this is not a hint about my oral hygiene. It is a very thoughtful gift.
When we were first married we had electric toothbrushes.  We got them as a gift from my friend Devanie’s mom. It was too expensive for us to keep up with at the time. So eventually we got rid of them.
Then, THE WATER PICK! It has seriously already changed this gappy toothed girls life!
Uncle Lee had one, and he remembered on our trip to Seattle I longed to have one too.

Thanks sweetheart. You are the best of men.

A couple days later:
This arrived from Belle.

Sisters. I love my sisters. 
It was such a nice birthday. Thanks to all of my wonderful friends who showed me how much they loved me over the weekend. 

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