Soccer Camp

Another couple of weeks of Soccer Camp have passed. Next week it will be over, and Mirah will be sad. It starts so early, and it is always windy out in Vinyard.

So even though the days have been so hot, it is in the 60s and super windy when we get there at 8 AM. Lucas gets bundled when we arrive. 

The little kids with their soccer balls didn’t seem to mind! 
Mirah in the blue leggings in the middle, feeling chilly, but ready to run! 
Lucas was so excited to play on the playground. This is our pattern. We sit, get settled. We go see Mirah, then we go to the playground. 

Then Lucas spends time on the field.
 Then we watch Mirah’s scrimmage together. 
The next time I put the kids in sweaters. 
This cutie.

Honeslty, but this week, I was just SO tired. I am done getting up early. 
Mirah on the other hand it LOVING it
And as long as I have snacks, Lucas loves it too.
Mirah is getting better and is loving to play. 
It is so cute, the kids mostly all run around the ball.
In action:

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