Keeping Cool- HOT Summer Days

With all these sunny days we are trying to be outside. Morning are usually cooler than afternoons, but by about 11, it just gets too hot. 
We were out front riding bikes when the sudden heat dropped and the kids took cover in the shade. 
We met up with some friends at a shady park. 
But even shady parks were getting a little too hot in this 100 degree weather. 
We had suckers in the shade, the play ground equipment was too hot to touch. 

We got into the car and tried to get home. 
Then got stuck in the car due to a fire on our way home. 
It took 20 minutes to get home just a few miles and this was what I watched the temperature do:
The fire was on center street, started in the bush, went all up the hill. 
Ugh, so much heat. 

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