SVC-The Space Opera

For a quick change of pace, we went out on Monday night instead of the weekend.
We went out with Adam and Belle, we did dinner and a show.

We took Adam up with us to SLC, Belle was already up there so we drove together.

We went to dinner at Mezzo on 9th and 9th. It was SO good.  

These cuties. 
Then these two. 
Oh Karl. 

After dinner we headed over the venue.
The Tower Theater. 
The got in line and got our assignments. 
Karl was an Engineer. 
I was a Junior Cadet. 
All set for an awesome show. 
We each go an envelope like this:

Adam and Belle got ready for the show! 
Back in line:
Belle decided to put her hair up. 
We got awesome seats! 

We were there to see the SVC, The Space Venture Coalition. 
The Robot took the stage. 
Then the rest of the band. 
We blasted up into space! 
The Planet Beautiful got blown up! 

We picked up a refugee! 

We were saved by the Space Queen! 

The Boltzmann Brain, was the bad guy. 
The Robot had a existential crisis. 
And the Space Queen saved us all! 
The Captain and the Space Queen said goodbye. 
The cast. 

Adam knew the Robot! 

We got an awesome shot with him! 

After the show we got some delicious house made Gelato. 
Then drove home, the end to a pretty perfect evening. 

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