Father’s Day

Happy happy father’s day to my guy, Karl! 
The kids were being so cute, well Mirah was being so cute. She begged me to “get dad flowers.” Karl’s gifts. A fidget spinner, and Pockys. 
It took me a minute to get Karl’s breakfast ready, so I had to feed the kids scrambled eggs while we waited. 

I made him creme brulee french toast. I had to get it all ready the night before.
His breakfast plate was ready!! 

Time to wake up the man himself! 
The kids loved it, and so did Karl. 

Even though he was able to sleep in until AFTER 10, he was still beat. But happy to have a special dish for him. 

He was 5 bites into his breakfast and Mirah couldn’t wait anymore.
So he started to open his gifts. 
So many cards from Mirah.
I got him a fidget spinner. He had ordered one months ago from a company in China. I got one for $2.50 at the grocery store. 
It was a hit! 

Mirah’s card had lots of love in it, and a home made Pokemon card. 

Mirah and Lucas and I picked out this fun card at the store for Karl. 

Mirah filled it out!

Karl picked Mirah’s outfit, I picked Luke’s then Karl and I dressed to coordinate with them. 

Mirah spent all of sacrament meeting writing love notes to her dad. It started simple:
“Dad I love U Love Mirah”

Then she started writing notes from all of us. She didn’t get any help, she did it all on her own. She spelled out all the names and words on her own and it is so cute. 
“I HEART U Dad Love Allasin” According the name of one of her baby dolls. 

Then she started to write notes from her dolls:
“I HEART U DaD Lov Foxe” (That is Foxy, her stuffed fox)

Then one from her Elephant. 
“I HEART U DaD Lov Elleifet”

Then one from her Lamb doll. 
“I HEART U DaD Love Lame”

The a two for from her moose stuffed animal and her Purple dog Chloe. 
“I HEART U DaD Lov Moose and (backwards C) lloe

Then one from her Dog Peanut the Pit Bull 

“I HEAR U DaD Love Peenut Pinbull”

I will end it, you can see the rest yourself. 
“Hiss” her snake. 

A note from her Moose, Moosey.  
“I HEART U DaD LOVe Mosse”
From her Bear, named Berry Bear. 
HEART Den DaD im U LOVe. Barre Bary. 
And finally a picture of our family. 
Karl got some Father’s day Root Beer from the ward, and of course his stack of love notes. 
After church, we had nap time. And then of course we did some Facetime with grandparents. 
We talked to my parents after dinner.

But first dinner:

Roasted mushrooms. 
Oh and Belle was there. 
And the kids too. 

My plate. Belle made the salad. 
Oh and corn. 

After face time with the family, the kids went CRAZY over the fidget spinner. 
They wanted to spin like the spinner and their dad was happy to oblige. 
You have to see it in action:

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