Busy Pre Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s day is a special day, and we wanted to make karl feel special. 
So we went to IKEA. 
The place where relationships go to die. 
My RLS had ripped through yet ANOTHER set of sheets, so we bought a couple of new sets. Our relationship barely survived the trip, but it survived. 
We ended up sleeping in until 10 am, which was so amazing. 
What wasn’t amazing?
The garage ceiling had caved in over night and dented in my hood. 

Lukey thing, no glass was broken. 
After the cars were moved. 
Ugh. We spent the afternoon cleaning up the mess and mowing the lawn. 

THANKFULLY, I had a special Saturday night planned. 
We went to the Dry Bar Comedy Show in downtown Provo. 
It was a great show! We had a ton of fun! 
After the show we went to Cubby’s for burgers and fries. 

Then to Dairy Queen for dessert. 

We even made it to the grocery store for last minute things for father’s day dinner. 
Ice Cream, so good. 
It was nice to to go out together and connect. It was a good weekend, all be it, hectic. 

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