Malia Comes for the Day

Honorary honorary! Aunt Malia came to visit for a day!

Karl was working from home that day due to the remnants of a debilitating sickness we had all gotten that day before. It did mean at least he was around. Not really with us, but around for a comment or two from the basement where he was working. After his work day was over, we went out for some “dunch” at the Greek N Go. It was exciting because it was Karl’s FIRST solid food in days.

The kids mostly will eat the Potatoes (fries and Tetris Tots) so it was all delicous Gyros for us grown ups. I may have over done it too. BUT, we were so excited to be eating again, we just went for it. After a hardy Greek lunch of Gryos and Greek fries.

After food we were excited to have some dessert.
Right next door…SHAVE ICE.

My cutie boys. 

Aunt Malia and Mirah. 

Keikei Rainbow. 

After so much sugar and fat…it was hammock time. 
Karl turned on the sprinklers on so that they sprayed us lightly. Malia wasn’t getting enough, so Karl turned on the one right next to her, and she got a little TOO much spary and spent the next 20 minutes in a went hammock. The weather was pretty perfect in the shade. 
Malia had to go and grad dinner for the Reddochs, so we said goodbye, happy with the time we spent together. 

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