Teddy Bear Picnic 2017

Summer time in Orem is magical. It’s lovely and bright and green. 
In our neighborhood alone there are 3 parks, a public library and a big public pool with water slides. Orem does SO much for the community to provide great family friendly activities. Tonight for FHE we went to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) punk Teddy Bear picnic. The Teddy bear picnic is an annual event, with three different times to attend.   
It is the big kick off for the Orem Library Summer Reading Program. 
Here are Mirah and Lucas with their goal sheets and teddy’s. 
Little Lucas in his shorts. I just can’t stop kissing this kid EVER. 
Mirah with “Berry Bear.” It is a little bear she got from the nursing home Grandpa John was in when he passed away. She loves this little bear. A perfect example that you can’t choose or predict which toys your kids will become attached to.
There were lots of cool women in cool costumes to get the kids excited to read, imagine, and learn. Here she is with Alice! 
And what would a STEAM Punk event be with out some Steam punk Cosplay. 
The event began with lots of cheers and hoopla. 
The began the puppet show. 
Lucas and Karl were having a hard time watching. The went to the back into the trees and set up a hammock. There the were for most of the presentations. 
Alice Sat with us as we watched. 
Eventually they started doing science, and Karl and Lucas came back. 
Robo puppet. 
Science time, the PUKING PUMPKINS! 
Lucas and Alice and other children. 
After all those stories, and all that science, we were excited to see some ART! 
There was a robot and it’s creator made of balloons. 
They were SO cool! 
After all of that excitement we were ready to go home and go to bed. 
Love living in Orem today. 

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