First Day of Soccer Camp

Monday morning dawned BRIGHT and WARM and EARLY! 
Mirah’s first day of soccer camp had arrived! And she was STOKED! 

Poor Lucas was mostly just bummed not to be out there with her. 
His eyes are saying, “I want to play.”

The ran through flag drills. 
They tapped the ball with their feet. 

Lucas found other board younger siblings to play with. 

Here is what the whole practice was like for me. 

You may notice Mirah is wearing her boots.
I only realized that Mirah needed new shoes for soccer as we were getting ready that morning. I tired to get to the store before camp, but since camp started at 8, NOTHING was open before camp started. 
(After soccer was over we went to get her new sneakers, she is all set now.)

After racing in line, and juggling a ball while running they split the kids up into little teams. 
Mirah was a ROCK star! 
Mirah had a BLAST! 
We were glad to be done, and we were tired, but all happy. 
Little photo bomb. 
She keeps asking when we can go to soccer again. We will have to practice at home. 

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