A Visit From Tazer

Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Adam are out of school for a few days. They want to spend more time with us and the kids, so they set up a little walk with them.
You see that sweet little dog? Its a Labradoodle named Tazer. She is a therapy dog at his work. He works at an old folks place in the area. Tazer needs to take walks and Adam volunteered to take her, and he knew the kids would love it. It may have been Belle’s idea, but I am not sure. 

The day was grey and windy and really cold. We bundled the kids all up and sent them off. 
They walked down to the City Center park, and even took a spin on the cool equipment at the All Together Park. 
Lucas wanted to nap, but he was cute. 
One last spin with uncle Adam on the merry-go-round. 

Lucas and Mirah both loved Tazer, Mirah maybe more that day since Luke was pretty tired. 

Picture with the doggie! 

Oh Mirah. Not her most photogenic day. 

Chelsea said as much. 
So I fixed her hair, and took some cute shots of her as we waved goodbye to everyone. 

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