Getting Home

Sunday was a tired day. Around 2 in the afternoon the kids couldn’t really rest anymore. We got a call from the Whitmore’s. They wanted to come and see us. They stayed until Tuesday morning. 🙂
It was so fun to be together again.

We did one of our classic Wendy’s after school snack visits.
Here is Karen, vanilla frosty all over her face. 

Mirah wanted to do it too. 

Mirah was missing her Aunt and Uncle (Branny and Leah) and she asked me to send them these pictures.
While we were gone, our bulbs finally popped up and bloomed! 
Karl had an assignment for Pack meeting coming up, and he decided that Monday night was the time to do it. 

That is Karl burning all of our rubbing alcohol on the driveway. 

Mirah decided her new Dorothy dress that we found at the Good Will in Portland (for 5 BUCKS!) would be her gardening dress.
Love it. 
It was so nice to be home again. 

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