Day 9: Saturday Market, and Goodbye

Saturday dawned BRIGHT and early. As I came out of our room and the comfy bed that Branny and Leah had so gernously given us for the week, I looked out the window, and enjoyed some of that  green green Oregon. 
As I came down the stairs I found these three guys: Lucas, Branny, and Mo. 
Just chillin’ you know. 
We slept in late, and were just too lazy to get ourselves going. 
We drove to downtown Eugene. 
We were hungry, because it was like 10:30. 
We wanted burgers, but the burger joint that we wanted to go to, didn’t open until 11:00!

So we got some breakfast starters at Voodoo.

I got another one of my most favorite things:

Mirah and Lucas shared this Simpson’s style Strawberry frosted donut. 

And since we were there, we had to get a VooDoo doll donut. 

Creme filled. Yum. 

That took just the right amount of time. 
We headed over to Killer Burger. 
Image result for killer burger eugene
During our planning phases of this trip, Branny told me all about this place. First to know, he LOVES it 
He sent me a link to their menu:
Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger. 
Image result for killer burger eugene mushroom
This is Brandon’s favorite burger. He BEGGED me to get it. I was too skeptical. Karl and Branny however were not.
Related image
It was delicious. 
I got this one:
Image result for killer burger eugene fun guy
The Fun Guy. 
Image result for killer burger eugene fun guy
Both burgers were fantastic. Real talk, should have gotten the Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger. 
Live and learn. 
We went over to the market that was just a block away. We ran into Frog. 
He sold Brandon a comic book, “not for kids” Mirah took this fun pic of it. 

We went to this booth, and found these amazing pictures. Branny got us one of these a few years ago for Christmas. Ours was a unicorn. 

Lucas was having a blast. 

Mirah got her a doggie ballon. 

We checked out the whole place. We even walked over a few blocks to this great place called Down to Earth. Got some great things there. We got stuck there for a while. It started raining pretty hard after our walk over. 
After all that food and walking around, we were all pretty beat. 
So we went back to the house and started getting things cleaned up and packed up. We also took a nice little nap.
After getting things organized and getting rested, we had one last place to try before we left town, we Mezza Luna Pizzaria. 
We got in line- ordered our pizza, and got down to business of coloring some things. 
And designing the pizza. 
I tried to take a selfie with this guys, who was just being too silly to get a good one. 
We got the garlic knots. 
I want to make these every day for the rest of my life. 

Then this pizza. 

These two cuties. 
You can hear the sound the are making? Right? “Eeeeeeeee”


After all this-we got the car officially packed, and said our final farewells. 
We had decided it would have been best for the kids to drive through the night. That we we would have all day Sunday to rest and recoup from the trip. 
So we did. 
Karl was a driving through the night boss. 
I was less of a boss. I was yawning, and dozing off the whole time. 
Finally, at 10:30 AM- 13 hours later, we were home. 
Home again home again jiggity jog.

Such an incredible full and fun trip. 

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