Day 8: Visit to the Coast

After another late night, we treid to sleep in. The kids however couldn’t sleep in.
So we ended up at Dizzy Dean’s Hot Donuts for breakfast! 
We sat down and ate some donuts. 

I discovered crullers are my most favorite donuts of all. 
Lucas loves it all. 
After breakfast we picked up Leah and headed out to the coast! 
It was our first really bad weather of the trip. 
Since the weather was so bad, and it was lunch time we went to Mo’s a local fish joint. 
Looking the part of a fisherman. 
We were seated at a bit table with windows all around. 
This was a family joint. 
My little beauty. 
A lot of fried fish on the menu. 
They are “famous” for their clam chowder. 
And it was really great. 
But I got a chili bread bowl instead. 
Mirah got a hot dog. 
Mirah and her lovely Auntie Leah. 
After lunch, we realized a couple of things:
1. Lucas needed a diaper change
2. Mirah had somehow left her coat-so I lost mine. 
Can you believe it, Florence has a BJ’s Ice Cream shop too. 
Third ice cream shop of the visit. THREE. 
They had Salt water taffey on sale there too, which I of course bought. 
We made it to water’s edge and it was lovely. 
And SUPER windy! We parked next to each other, and couldn’t even roll the windows down. 
So we went to the tide pools. 
It was still really windy! 
Bur beautiful. 
My blustery babies. 
All the crazy wind had built up tons of sea foam. 
It flew everywhere. 
Sweet uncle Branny helped Mirah up on the rocks and to see the tide pools. 
These two cuties. 
Leah being blown away!
For dinner we went out to a Gyro place. 
Tick tac toe three in a row. 
Three meals out in one day, deserves a special drink! Or at least a special cup! 

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