Day 7: Branny’s Birthday!

We got back to Eugene and but the kiddos RIGHT into bed.
It was about 10:30…
Branny is 32!
We killed the hour and a half by playing Wii party games. It was super fun. 
The next morning the kids wondered down and we had just a super lazy morning. 
“I can see you guys through these things.” 
It was pretty magical. 
Since they live on a farm, they had big mud boots neat the door. Lucas was in heaven! 
Here he is in Branny’s boots. 
Mirah found my phone and took a selfie or two. 

She took a picture of this little snowflake she made. 

Leah brought bagels for breakfast. 

After breakfast we went out and looked around the farm. 
The kids were excited to feed the Llamas. 
Sweet Leah brought out a bag of carrots for the babies. 
Hiya buddies! 
After that cuteness we headed over to Branny’s office. 
I wanted to see where he worked.
A nice, big, fun place. 
One whole wall is windows. It is a really great bright room. 
Look what I found in a card holder on a shelf? 
I am SO PROUD of this kid! 
The kids were happy to play with all of his pay Therapy toys.
Anther cool therapy tool I found on a shelf. 
Branny showed me this sad/funny one he said a kid had shown he the other day. 
I made him show me how he was feeling with the cards. 
Care Free. 
Karl was feeling:
Calm and peaceful. 
Karl picked one for me, and I picked one too. 
Which one do you think Karl picked? 
On our way out of the office I made Branny stop so I could take his picture by the door. 
He has his own office with his name on the door. 
Next Stop, Skinner Butte. 
Me and Branny at the top! 
It was certainly bright up there. 
The Pipkin-Hite’s in Eugene. 
The spring colors and flowers were out and it was just so LOVELY! 
Mirah had no problem getting to work and playing. 
We hung out in the park for a while. 
We started onto the river walk. 
There were little white English daisies everywhere. 
Mirah was in flower heaven. 
It was still really sunny. 
We stopped at Branny’s favorite spot on the River and took a picture. 
Mirah found pink on the flowers. 
The walk he a scale distance modnel of the solar system. 
We made it to the Rose Garden. 
The roses weren’t in bloom yet but this 200 year old cherry tree was. 
It was pretty magnificent. 
There were lots of lovely things to see there in this beautifully kept place. 
The trail was just magical. 
We went to the Jail for lunch. It’s an Asian plate meal place we went to last time we were in town. 
We found another little park and sat and ate lunch there. 
The minute we got him out of his seat, he was off! 
But the mist filled the park again so we started off. 
Off to Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream. 
Another day, another amazing Oregon ice cream shop. 
I got salted Caramel with chocolate sprinkles. 
Mirah got plain old vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. 
Lucas got vanilla too. 
Branny got Rocky Road. 
Our final stop of the day?
Haliquin Bead. 
We promised Mirah she could make a necklace of her own design. 
She and Karl sat and planned together. 
The final product. When we got home that afternoon we put it together. 
Leah had the house all ready ane decorated for Branny on his special day! 
I rested with Branny and the kids. Karl went to the store and made dinner for us all. 
It was time for dinner. 
We were all outfitted. 
What did Karl make? 
Just home made delicious Indian food! 
Home made hand made Naan. 
Cucumber and tomato topping. 
And chicken curry. 
He also made Basmati rice. 
Everything was DELICIOUS! 
Once we had eaten, Mirah wanted to give Branny his gift:
He was DELIGHTED. And sick. 
Leah made and amazing chocolate brownie cake. 
Yeah, double layered with chcolate chocolate chip icing. 
It was SOOOO good. 
Leah lit the candles. 
Happy birthday to Branny! 
Together licking off the candles. 
Time for GIFTS! 
Leah got him a TON of gifts including a stack of incredible Wii party games. 

Including The Bachelor video game. We had only recently all found out we all watched the Bachelor. This was a very serious reminder, that as much as the show talks about true love, it is still a game show, winner take all situation.

We stayed up late playing into the night. 

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