Day 5- Qualtircs Seattle

We grabbed a couple of sour dough loaves. 
We parted ways here with Steph, Branny, and Leah. They went back to the Market Place to shop a little and we headed 10 blocks over to check out the Seattle location of Qualtircs. 

Mirah pulled out her map from the day before and tried to tell us where we were going. 
Ivar’s, a fish place on the pier. 
The kids wanted to pose. 

After a crazy walk down the road through multiple hobo encampments, we finally made it to the building. It tuned out, that we were on the bad side of the buildings. Just one block over there were shops and restaurants. We took the wrong road. 
Up to the top floor. 
And there we were. 

It’s weird how much he looks like the Provo building. 

We ran into the head contractor we know from Provo, and he gave us a look at the side that they were building out. 
We were interested in all of the growth. 
Mirah was just happy to have an open space to spin in. 

We had agreed to meet at 2. On our way over we passed place that Karl insisted we stop at:
The Berliner Doner Kebab
It was incredible. 
We RAN back over to the pier. 
After all of that rushing, we decided that we wanted to head back to the Museum of Pop culture to see the rest of the museum. 

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